Submissions and Requirements of Night Wind Publishing House


The following applies to novellas, novels and short story collections: We find that we can work much more efficiently with a faster turnaround time if a thorough synopsis of at least 300 words accompanies the first 2 chapters of your manuscript as well as the final chapter, which should be submitted electronically, at the bottom of this page.  Do not submit the entire manuscript at this time.  Please follow submission requirements as specified below.

  • Full name, email address and telephone number, including area code.

  • Third Person Author Biography of up to 300 words.


  • Poetry may be any length, but should be submitted in traditional style, using verdana 8 point fonts in black ink.  Although your poetry may look lovely typed in an artful fashion or poetic design, it's not always possible to reproduce a style that spans beyond the limits of our page borders. 

  • Submit a sample of your impressive poetry (at least 6 - 10 pieces) inside one submission form, triple spacing between each poem.

  • For Poetry, italicized words or lines should be indicated with quotation marks.


  • Novellas, novels & short story collections. Submit all text without any formatting or tabs, in verdana 8 point font, black ink.  Submit "block style".  Double space, using an extra space between paragraphs.  Don't use hard returns. Italicized story lines or sections will be indicated with the use of asteriks *before and after* the words, sentences or paragraphs.  The thoughts of your characters and narrator must be in italics, and must be indicated within your manuscript. Manuscripts not submitted per requirements will not be considered for publication.

  • When you are ready to submit, please use the easy submit form below.  All fields are required.  Response time varies, according to the volume of submissions received. We make every attempt to reply to all submissions within 2 months.

  • By submitting below, you are acknowledging and affirming that all material submitted is your own original work, that you own all rights, and that you are over 18 years of age. 


Night Wind Publishing Submission (your submission will retain paragraphing and spaces, regardless of the block format on confirmation page, however, underscoring and italics will be deleted.  Use *asteriks* to indication italics. All Fields are Required.






Phone   (Optional)


How did you hear about us  

Target Audience    


Author Bio:           


Manuscript Title or Poetry Titles             


Manuscript Word Count              if poetry enter # of poems & average line count


300 word story synopsis             if poetry, enter NONE


For Novellas/Novels/Story Collections: Submit first 2 chapters and final chapter in the box below.  Use * asteriks * to enclose italicized text. *All thoughts must be italicized,* she reminds us.

If Poetry, copy and paste 6 - 10 poems separated by 3 lines.  Titles should be in bold.



We will respond to your submission as soon as possible.  It can take up to 2 months to receive a reply.  Thank you for your patience.  Contact: for information or to report submission problems.  You may also contact



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