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WFP and Night Wind Publishing prepares perfect bound trade paperback books. Our focus is the independent publication of poetry books, chapbooks, novellas and brilliant short story collections. We also consider outstanding full length novels.  is an independent publisher the will consider all genres that strike the fancy of our editors.  We seek horror, thrillers, detective, mystery, romance, science fiction, supernatural, occult.  We publish books to haunt and stimulate our readers.

If your submission is accepted, our production manager or one of our publishing coaches will contact you to discuss your goals and book pricing, and provide you with in-depth information of what the next step will bring.  We'll answer all of your questions, and tell you exactly what you can expect from us. A brief description of what we will expect from you can be found on our Submission page.

Publishing should be a smooth process if we work closely together through each phase of publication.  We are committed to excellent customer service and quality production. We are always here to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.  We have 7 years of hands on publishing experience behind us. 

 *Services offered by Water Forest Press:

  • Professional book design and layout. Custom cover design.

  • We help create your professional press release and WFP book review.

  • We can arrange for your title to be placed one time in Ingram Advance Book Catalog for a cost of $75.00.

  • Professional Book Reviews available

  • Listing on our online bookstore and websites.

  • We go the extra mile. We work together with our authors.  Your success is our success as our success is yours.

  •  Our crew is constantly brainstorming for new ways to promote your book. We never stop working for you.

As noted above, we can assist you with the production and promotion of your book, but authors must take a proactive approach in marketing and promoting their books.  You can get the word out thru newspaper press releases, book signings, distributing flyers.  Our Media Specialists are available to help create a professional press release which you can submit to newspapers of your choice, to announce your book.  We'll design a book ad for our online store, which you are welcome to use for promotional flyers. We will do our absolute best to introduce your book to our international community of contacts, for international author promotion.  We can do all of these things to help you get started. But again, Author promotion and marketing will help a great deal to increase the sale of your books.  We cannot guarantee sales. No one can make promises...but we're determined and committed to authors.  Your future success is our ultimate goal. Terms, conditions & author's role will be discussed upon manuscript acceptance and author agreement. 

         Contact us for further information.

*Services & Costs may vary with selected options.  Website pricing is approximate and subject to change at any time, unless under prior author/WFP agreement.


*We are not responsible for misprints or errors on Night Wind Publishing website.

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