We do we charge a fee?  That's an honest question and, we will answer your question honestly and in a straight-forward manner.

Water Forest Press is a co op publishing house that falls between traditional and publish on demand, in the respect that we perform services for you that a traditional publisher would, but we must also ask you to invest in your book. 

My name is Victoria Valentine, the developer and publisher of Water Forest Press.  I have been publishing literary magazines and books since 2001 under the imprint of Skyline Publications.   

Why is there a fee to publish your book?  Because everyone deserves compensation for hard work.  Publishing is my passion, not my livelihood—and publishing is very hard work..  I work a day job, and when I’m not working, I will be designing, formatting, and publishing your book for you, which may include minor editing.  It will take me anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks of steady work, to design and complete a beautiful print ready book—a book you can be proud of.   I may be assisted by a few dedicated professionals who are also deserving of compensation.

Why is it so difficult to be published by a traditional publisher?  Quite simply, publishing a new author, an unknown author, is a risk. We also take a risk, which is why we are selective in manuscript acceptance.  We will not publish all submissions.  After your book is printed, we would like the opportunity to help you promote your work by placing it into the databases of major online book stores and, we cannot promise but will do our best to try to have your book placed a book into physical stores, libraries and schools.  We can only do this if you and I together, have produced the finest book possible.

If you search the Internet, you will find many book publishers, some reputable and some not so reputable.  Some will label themselves “Traditional Publishers”, and will draw you in with little or no information on their websites, only to burst your bubble when you learn they indeed charge fees— or that you will have to buy a certain number of books from them , some upwards of $10.00 each - or more.  This is how they obtain their fees.  Many don’t spell or grammar check.  They print an author’s book ‘as is’ including embarrassing errors, and send them on their way. We do not edit your manuscript, as we expect that you will provide your very best work in the form of a professionally edited, ready for print manuscript.  But we will spell and grammar check your manuscript for that final "look over" before publication.  We are selective in the manuscripts that we accept. 

We are up front with you, listing all approximate fees on our websites, so you may know, right off the bat, we need your help in order to produce that fabulous book you have worked so hard to write. 

After we publish your book, we won’t leave you behind.  Your book will be listed on our websites, online virtual bookstores, and we will do our very best to have your book placed into physical bookstores by a professional distributor.  We cannot promise sales.  Marketing and promotion is largely the author’s responsibility, be it traditional publishing or alternative.  The more work an author is willing to put into their project, the better our outcome.  We share one mutual goal:  the success of your book.

If you have the ability to write, edit, design and layout your book, and if you have an artist who will create a fabulous cover specifically for your theme, then self publishing is the way to go.  But, if you are unable to do these things for yourself, and would like to publish a book at an honest and more than fair cost, retain your rights, and obtain books to sell at a reasonable price, so that you may regain your investment, and more, then you’ve come to the right place.


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